Health and Reproduction

The Cavaliers King Charles du Chemin du Roy are in excellent health. All the reproductive males and females have a perfect heart. They have no defects nor congenital disease.

Each year, following cardiac examinations done by Dr. Jean-Sébastien Boileau, veterinarian and cardiologist, my reproductive Cavaliers obtain the OFA Certificates, for a perfect heart. If any of them was found to have a weakness, that Cavalier would cease to reproduce.

Dr. Frank Olivier, veterinarian and ophthalmologist, examine my dogs’ eyes. They are in perfect health. My Cavaliers obtain their OFA or CERF Certificates certifying the absence of genetic defects and the absence of congenital ophthalmologic disease.

A good health starts with an impeccable cleanliness. So, the interior installations are washed and disinfected daily and the puppies’ bedding stays dry and white. The Cavaliers live in a lovely clean house.

The Cavaliers King Charles, adults and puppies, have a beautiful big agreeable backyard which is constantly kept clean for the enjoyment of our dogs and ourselves. We are far away from a "puppy mill"!

For many years now, the Clinique Vétérinaire Carrefour Santé in Joliette takes care of my breeding. My Cavaliers receive all the required vaccines and also the prescriptions to prevent against fleas, ticks and the heartworm.

Dr. Angelika Stock, veterinarian, specializing in canine reproduction, helps and guides the Chemin du Roy breeding since its beginning. She teaches me physiology, reproduction techniques and enlightens me on the ethic practices to follow.

CH. Calcutta Des Beylias,

Champion Mondial de Beauté 2009
Fédération Cynologique internationnale.
Mère de CH. Gatsby Le Magnifique Des Beylias

At Chemin du Roy, reproduction is treated with respect and inbreeding (marriage between reproducers of a same family) is excluded. When necessary, I acquire a new Cavalier from a different lineage, in France..

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