Not much of a barker, this cute dog is of an exceptional sweetness. Gentle, he becomes the ideal companion for a child or an old person or with little kids in a day-care centre.

Although he likes to cozy up on your lap to listen to the television or cuddle in your arms for a nap, he is also vivacious and active. Walking, running and discovering new spaces delights him, even in winter.

Friendly, happy, without fear or aggressiveness, he likes people and is easy to look after by a dog sitter. The Cavalier is easily adaptable to changes. So, it makes him the perfect traveling companion for any kind of transport used. But, be careful, he can be stolen rapidly!

The Cavalier King Charles never goes unnoticed. What a beautiful breed. The way he proudly holds his head and his classy allure, what elegance.

His coat, either Blenheim or Tricolor, is very soft, silky, light in the wind and grows with the years. Which makes the Cavalier King Charles more and more majestic.

This little dog of shapely proportions weighs between 6 and 9 kilos (13 and 20 pounds). Generally, the female is smaller than the male but the character remains the same.

The Cavalier is an emotionally dependent breed. Alone for a long period, he will have the impression of being abandoned and could develop a severe anxiety syndrome: barking incessantly, losing his good toilet habits, have digestive troubles, eat the hair of his ear or paw, etc. He will be unhappy and so will you.

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