Ideal Master

The Cavalier King Charles is more than a pet companion. He is a real-life companion. If you are ready to offer him your constant presence (or almost), you are an ideal master.

As an ideal master, you will dispense day care: wash his face, his eyes, his ears, brush his teeth, and brush his coat, softly as I will have taught you during the training course.

A retired person, often at home or ready to travel with his Cavalier is an ideal master. If you work at home or can bring your dog to your workplace, you are also an ideal master.

If you have a daycare, you could also be a master because the Cavalier King Charles adores children. He is a gentle assistant to the childcare workers.

He also makes the zootherapists very happy because he knows how to observe, wait and respond the people’s wishes.

He thus calms down the emotional difficulties of a child or a teenager, anxious, insomniac or autistic. The parents call them little miracles!

I develop a line dedicated to specialized zootherapy: the family of a very sick person at home could find at Chemin du Roy, a little Cavalier King Charles, very calm and affectionate, to softly accompany that person…till the end.

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