Love Story

In 2006, after having live for 17 years as a single parent, I met on the Internet the love of my life, an angel who became my husband. Jean-Marc and I visited his home-country France and that is where I met the Cavalier King Charles.


One Saturday morning, there, at the village market, I saw it. Lovestruck! I fell on my knees, and face to face with this adorable little dog, I could read the softness and tenderness in his eyes. From then on, I knew the Cavalier King Charles would be part of our life. And then came the breeding project…

Between, loving a dog and, breeding them, there is a universe! I learned how to be an ethical and competent breeder with the help of French breeders. Nathalie Boutin of the Des Beylias breeding introduced me to the "Charte de Qualité des Signataires du Club des Épagneuls Nains Anglais "

My expertise as a Montreal nurse, combined to a two-year practice as a midwife in Africa have prepared me to live this passion of breeding a superb Cavalier King Charles in excellent health.

I feel very confident in helping a female give birth. It brings joy to my heart for each little puppy who start sucking drops of milk right after being born, its like a victory cry inside me. It is life who cry victory. What joy!

But one day, sicknesses took hold of my body. Even then, my passion stayed the same. Jean-Marc helped me tenderly to heal. Concerned with my physical limits, he has built lovely and practical breeding installations for me, the females and their puppies.

Passionately, I pursue relentlessly my objectives as an ethical breeder: respect the standards of the breed, make sure that my dogs are in good health and happy and, bring joy to my clients, Friends of the breeding, who can count on me throughout their companion’s life.

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