The Puppies

A puppy from the Chemin du Roy is what you desire? I would like to meet with you at our home, get to know you and show you my Cavalier King Charles breed. You will see their pedigrees, the Canadian Champion certificates, the health test results, the installations, etc.

It is in the maternity room that our newborns arrive. Often, the female and the little ones require my intervention with the precious help of an assistant like, Louise Robert.

You will be invited to see the litter when it is two to three weeks old. By then, their eyes and ears are opened.

Around three to four weeks, the litter is moved to a bigger space so they can play, learn to eat and be house-trained.

At six weeks, after their first vaccines, the little ones are installed in the puppy room. You can then pick them up and pat them. Also, they start to show their characters.

The puppies play in the dog’s exterior park with the adults.

Gradually, the maternal ties disappear. The puppies become independent. They assert their individual qualities. It is the right time to choose your puppy.

At ten weeks, your puppy is ready to leave the breeding in your arms. Before you leave, you will have received a training session on how to take care of him.

Your puppy has received the required anti-worm treatments and has been vaccinated. He will have his health record booklet issued by a veterinarian of the Clinique Vétérinaire Carrefour Santé in Joliette.

All the puppies have an inserted microchip which is a requirement to be registered at the Canadian Canine Club.

Arriving at your home, your puppy will respond to the name you have chosen for him. Also, he has been trained to sleep nights, from the first night. He has already developed toilet training abilities to go on the absorbent pads or outside. You will be surprised.

You can count on me all through your Cavalier King Charles’ life since you have now become a Friend of the Chemin du Roy breeding.

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